First Global Challenge 2019

The FIRST Global Challenge invites each country to send a team to compete in our robotics olympics, which takes place in a different nation each year. Themed around the 14 Grand Challenges of Engineering identified by National Academies of Engineering, each year a different Grand Challenge takes center stage in an effort to foster understanding and cooperation among the youth of the world as they use their abilities to solve the world’s problems. The challenges we face as a global society need to be solved, and the next generation can meet the task — together.


City: Stockholm

Where: Sockenvägen 413NB

When: Ons 18.30-21.00

Occasions: 26

Start: 2019-01-23 (89 dagar sedan)

Instructors: Jan, Dessi, Acke C, Christina B, Jesus D, Albin R

Price: 3500 kr

Organizer: Kosmosklubben Stockholm

Membership: 150 kr (required)

Direct registration