Member meeting spring 2023

Welcome to our member meeting at 15.15 in Studenternas Hus. This is held every semester so that you members should be able to influence the work of the student union. We offer dinner to all who attends! Come and make your voice heard!

Planned occasions
1. v.17 Ons 26/4 15:15 - 19:15 (4t) Studenternas hus (hus I) - Hela huset


Studenternas hus (hus I), STUDENTPLAN 7, 83140 Östersund

City: Östersund

Where: Studenternas Hus

When: Onsdag 26 april 15.15

Start: 2023-04-26 (227 dagar sedan)

Organizer: Studentkåren i Östersund

Membership: Required